New Zealand has banned TikTok from the phones of parliamentarians over concerns about the Chinese-owned app’s data security and privacy policies. The move follows similar bans by the United States, India, and other countries, which have raised concerns about TikTok’s links to the Chinese government.

New Zealand’s decision to ban TikTok comes amid growing concerns about the app’s data collection practices and its handling of user information. The ban applies only to parliamentarians’ phones, but it underscores the broader concerns about the app’s security and privacy policies.

TikTok has been accused of collecting data on its users, including their location and browsing history, and sharing that data with the Chinese government. While the company has denied these allegations, they have raised concerns about the app’s security and privacy policies.

New Zealand’s ban on TikTok highlights the growing concerns among governments around the world about the app’s links to the Chinese government and its potential to compromise national security. As a result, many countries have taken steps to limit the app’s reach and access to sensitive data.

TikTok has responded to these concerns by implementing new security and privacy policies, including the appointment of a new data protection officer and the establishment of a transparency center to allow independent audits of its data practices. However, these measures have not been enough to satisfy some governments and critics, who remain skeptical about the app’s security and privacy policies.

While the ban on TikTok by New Zealand’s parliamentarians is a relatively small step, it reflects the growing concerns about the app’s security and privacy policies, and the need for greater oversight and regulation of social media apps more broadly. As governments around the world grapple with the challenges posed by social media and the internet more broadly, it is likely that we will see more measures aimed at ensuring the security and privacy of user data.

At TikTok, we are committed to ensuring the security and privacy of our users’ data and are taking steps to address the concerns that have been raised about our app. We believe that social media can be a powerful tool for connecting people and building communities, but we recognize the need for greater transparency and accountability in our industry.


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