PM Modi’s Strategic Nomination from Varanasi: Key Timings and Symbolism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has officially filed his nomination papers for the Varanasi parliamentary seat, accompanied by top leaders from the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). This nomination marks his campaign for a third consecutive term, underlined by a show of political strength and support.

Short Summary:

  • PM Modi held a 6km roadshow in Varanasi
  • Top NDA leaders and state chief ministers were present
  • Modi highlighted achievements and future goals

On a significant day for Indian politics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi filed his nomination papers from Varanasi in a bid for a third consecutive term in the Lok Sabha. Modi arrived in Varanasi on Monday and led a euphoric 6km-long roadshow, underscoring his influence and popularity. He attended prayers at the historic Dashashwamedh Ghat and the Kaal Bhairav temple before making his way to the Varanasi district collectorate to file the nomination.

Senior leaders from the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), including former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and several other union ministers and chief ministers, stood alongside Modi. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, and the four local residents selected to propose his nomination were also present. Notably, among these proposers was Ganeshwar Shastri Dravid, a renowned Kashi-based astrology scholar.

Modi emphasized his commitment to Varanasi’s development, stating, “Filed my nomination papers as a candidate for the Varanasi Lok Sabha seat. It is an honor to serve the people of this historic seat. With the blessings of the people, there have been remarkable achievements over the last decade. This pace of work will get even faster in the times to come.”

The nomination event was thoroughly planned, with the chosen time of 11.40 am aligning with the ‘Abhijit Mahurat’ and ‘Anand Yog’ as per the Hindu Panchang. Modi’s party allies emphasized the strategic importance of choosing an auspicious time to file the papers.

In attendance were significant NDA allies, such as Lok Janshakti Party chief Chirag Paswan, and Apna Dal (S) president Anupriya Patel, who were hailed as valued partners by Modi. He expressed his gratitude through posts on X (formerly Twitter): “Our alliance represents a commitment to national progress and fulfilling regional aspirations. We will work together for the progress of India in the years to come.”

Reflecting on the last decade’s strides, Modi highlighted key developments in Varanasi and urged the party workers to focus on increasing voter turnout. “What truly matters is the voter turnout; it reflects our representation in Kashi. Thus, our resolution should be directed towards booth victory,” Modi stressed, urging for a festive atmosphere at polling booths to engage the electorate.

Addressing local party members, Modi remarked, “The transformative developments in Kashi over the past decade are a result of the diligent efforts of the workers.” He lauded the historic roadshow held the previous evening, which he described as unprecedented in scale.

Among those present at the district collectorate were prominent figures such as Union Ministers Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh. The chief ministers of the BJP-ruled states, including Himanta Biswa Sarma (Assam) and Bhupendra Patel (Gujarat), signaled strong intra-party support for Modi.

“I am a grassroots-level worker of the party. I am thankful to PM Modi and the BJP for giving me this opportunity. The party trusted me. It was really a great day for me,” said Lalchand Kushwaha, one of Modi’s proposers.

Varanasi remains a significant stronghold for Modi and the BJP, with Modi having secured over 6.74 lakh votes, commanding a 63.6% vote share in the 2019 elections. The electoral battle is set to be intense, with major competitors like the Congress’s Ajay Rai and the Bahujan Samaj Party’s Athar Jamal Lari back in the fray.

As Varanasi gears up for the final phase of the Lok Sabha elections on June 1, Modi continues to emphasize development and progress, affirming his bond with the historic seat. His nomination, marked by careful timing and a significant show of strength, sets the stage for another critical electoral contest.

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