Mumbai Police arrest another suspect in Salman Khan house firing case, linking him to Lawrence Bishnoi gang

The sixth arrest has been made in connection with the firing incident outside Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s Mumbai residence. The detained suspect, Harpal Singh, is allegedly a member of the Lawrence Bishnoi Gang and was captured in Haryana before being brought to Mumbai for legal proceedings.

Short Summary:

  • Mumbai Police arrest sixth suspect in Salman Khan house firing case
  • Harpal Singh apprehended in Haryana and brought to Mumbai
  • Link established between Lawrence Bishnoi Gang and the incident

On May 13, the Mumbai Police detained Harpal Singh, marking the sixth arrest in the case involving a shooting outside Salman Khan’s residence. Singh, a native of Fatehabad in Haryana, was apprehended at his hometown and transported to Mumbai on May 14.

Investigations reveal Singh’s involvement through the interrogation of previously arrested Mohammed Rafique Chowdhary, another member of the Lawrence Bishnoi Gang. Singh allegedly financed Chowdhary with Rs 2-3 lakh to conduct reconnaissance around Khan’s home.

The incident, which occurred on April 14, involved two assailants on a motorcycle who fired shots outside Khan’s Galaxy Apartment in Bandra before fleeing. Mumbai Police have since identified and detained several suspects, including the shooters Sagar Pal and Vicky Gupta, currently under judicial custody until May 27 as per a Special MCOCA court order.

This case falls under a broader investigation linking it to Lawrence Bishnoi, who is currently incarcerated in Sabarmati central prison, and his brother Anmol Bishnoi, believed to be outside India. The Bikhi brothers are significant figures in this unfolding narrative, revealing networks of organized crime extending internationally.

The arrests of Subhash Chander and Anuj Thapan, implicated in supplying firearms to the shooters, have also been instrumental in uncovering the extent of planning behind the firing. Notably, Anuj Thapan committed suicide while in Mumbai Police custody on May 1.

The stakes in this investigation intensified with Rohit Godara being named an accused by the Mumbai Crime Branch. According to ANI reports, Godara’s inclusion represents the extensive efforts in dismantling the support structure behind the attack on Salman Khan.

Further developments include the head of the All India Bishnoi Society, Devendra Budiya, suggesting a conditional forgiveness for Khan regarding the 1998 blackbuck poaching case. He articulated that an apology personally delivered by Khan could potentialize reconciliation.

“If Salman himself apologizes, the Bishnoi society will consider the apology as the mistake was not made by Somy Ali, but by Salman,” said Devendra Budiya.

Budiya’s statement follows former actress and Khan’s ex-girlfriend, Somy Ali, who issued a public apology for Khan, emphasizing her non-support for hunting but urging the community to move past the event.

“Taking someone’s life is not acceptable, be it Salman or an average common man. If you want justice, you should move to the court,” stated Ali, emphasizing her faith in the judicial system to adequately address grievances.

The broader legal and social implications of this case are underlined by ongoing threats to Khan and the increased security measures ensuring his safety. Khan is expected to continue his professional engagements, including his upcoming film Sikandar, set to start filming soon with actress Rashmika Mandanna.

This series of events underscores a complex intersection of celebrity, legal accountability, and organized crime, with the case continuing to unfold as law enforcement efforts intensify.

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